Sunday, October 28, 2012

Invasion of the Zombiz!

Hi Everyone! Woozworld has recently let out a new iPad app called "Invasion of the Zombiz". I played it before with three of my other friends. As the levels go up it gets quite hard. I actually won with my amazing team mates! It was so hard my heart was beating and I was shaking back and fourth. Whenever you want to play with me just see if I am online and ask me to play. Hopefully I can play when you ask. I will be now playing it Friday and Saturday nights. Go on and see if I am on!


  1. I played that and i lost, i had no teammates. Its hard and i was scared to try. My cousins have ww too but they dont have an iPad. =( I'm not sure if i could connect with you, since i think we live far from each other. Good Job on winning! =)