Saturday, December 22, 2012

Hey Guys!

Hey Guys it's Cardinal! I am ready to jazz you up with all of Woozworld's news. First of all, the new Adventurez woozworld came out with for Christmas. Well, I would tell you answers to it, but you don't really need answers. You basically just do what it says and that means to click on the elves...when I first saw them they freaked me out. They look drunk xD...(sorry younger viewers). Also the amazing fashion now. I love the clothes. It is so cute and fashionable! Personally if I had 1,000,00 I would buy everything in Also here's a tip..DO NOT WASTE YOUR WOOZ LIKE I DID. So you know how when you click on someone or something it comes up in the corner and you can buy it, well. I was with Aeropostale and -Just-A-Girl- in a tent. I wanted to freak Justy out so I clicked her and bought what she was wearing. Same color and everything. My plan worked, but she changed..I bought her clothing again. I kept doing it and now I'm broke. 5,000 wooz to 439 wooz. DO NOT DO WHAT I DID!!
~Cardinal710 over an out


  1. youre not broke. thats still high wooz.

  2. Dony worry some peeps put lower prices to buy ..... If you bargain with em . :)

  3. same i wasted my wooz rrrr but im saving up want to get deadmua

  4. Add me im black-kittyz