Sunday, June 24, 2012

WNS Nominees

Hey guys! As you all probably saw the WNS Nominees. It was Friday at 6:00 P.M. We sadly did not get in..but as people always saw, Try Try Again! I want to congratulate everyone who did get in! You guys rocked! Now it is up to the woozens for who is going to win! Who will it be? Will it be you?? Congratz again to everyone who won and congratz to everyone who didn't get in. Everybody's photo real was probably AMAZING! We even want to see your photo reals! Just go to your albumz that had the 12 pics. Comment on this post your user name and what the albumz is called. We will publish your albumz on here when we see it! Then we will do a poll and the people will vote who has the BEST photo realz! We will even show you ours but we won't let you guys vote for ours.

See ya soon

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