Friday, July 27, 2012

100th Post!!!

This is our 100th post!!!!!! Thank you everyone for coming on the blog! We try to make the blog as helpful as possible! Thank you for following the blog. Thank you for making this all possible. I remember when we first started out with only 10 viewers! So soon we incread 42,000! I remember when we first did our blogspot viewer party for 10,000 viewers. This blog started in April with no viewers. It has sprouted and grew to lots of viewers. Thank you thank you thank you sooo much! Alex and I appreciate so much! Without you no one this would of happened! Stay tuned we will be doing another party with all of our viewers. Of course you are all invited! The rest of the summer there will be lots of new things coming out.

  • Woozworld Tips and Help Late Night Show
  • Game Shows
  • Free Times
  • WzW Tips and Help Chat
Have fun and stay stylin'

Cardinal and Alex

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