Tuesday, July 24, 2012

New Adventurez Quiz

First Leg (Green and Yellow Plane)
Answer to get through the tiles(letters)

Next you will have to click the leaves and the trash cans. When all the trash cans and leaves are picked up click on the orange door. The password is "Quebec"

Then you go to Rio. You have to pick up all the broken heads. You click on your actions button at the bottom and put all the heads back on the statue. You must make sure they are the same color though!
-After that Good Old Wooz will tell you that you completed America.
-When he is done talking click on the stair case behind him.
-It will take you to a woozworld unitz.
-You click on the Adventurez button on the side again and click the Second Leg.

Second Leg (Blue and White Plane)
You appear at Australia
-Click on the kangaroos in the cages (Do the three second spell jobz)
...When you are done with clicking all the kangaroos with the cages you go to actions and you give the kangaroos to the mothers. Make sure that they match though!
-Click on the door when the bush disappears

You then will go to the City of Wellington. Here you will have to move the the houses to the correct areas. They show you the sizes of squares on the floor so that you know where to put the houses.
-When your done it will take you out of edit mode and you click on the grey stair case next to you. As like the other one it will take you to another woozworld unitz. Click on the adventurez button on the side and you will go back to the starting unitz. Click on the Third Leg.

Third Leg (Red and White Plane)
 Coming Soon! Not open yet

Fourth Leg (Black and White Plane)
Coming Soon! Not open yet


  1. Im leafairypairy guys ! Msg me for help , advice , or even if u have a how to question x)
    Alex , Cardinal ,, thank u for a wonderful WebAzine (yes , u read right , Webazine (web magazine) ) It helped alot of woozens who needed help X) I support this blog till the end ! But where do we find the unitz to go to , so we acomplish the quest ? X) Thx for reading ! Leaf.

    1. can you help me i need help in the third leg of the race plssssssssssss my name i robert8 pls help me

  2. How did u get the new adventurz answers when it's private ?!! 0.0

  3. This isn't really related but jennywooz was in the rome quest giving out answers!

  4. Thank you very much...it really helps..:)

  5. The baby kangaroos are not showing up in my actions..

  6. the fourth leg is opened. Its really hard. Plz make a tutorial on it, It would help very much