Tuesday, May 8, 2012

New Feature on Woozworld!

Now are the bottom of your screen there will be a little shopping sign that looks like this:

Next to the Calendar and the Magnifying Glass

You are able to now buy really PREMIUM and EXCLUSIVE stuff in there! Did you know I saw a Mya Dress in there for only three hundred wooz!! Wow, that is a really good deal. Better than what I payed for......Well, Back on Topic...Here is a picture of the Store inside:

You are able to get Clothing for Girls and Boys, Furniture, Unitz, and now you can buy woozpetz! The woozpetz are actually cheap! Woozworld is just getting better and better by the minute!

Well this is Cardinal710 with your Woozworld News!
( I always wanted to say that!!! LOL)


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