Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Party Time!

Hey Everyone! Alex and Card here! We're here to give you some information on our party! You all earned this party because this blog has received over 1000 views! The best part is that doesn't include us. We set our computers specifically so they don't track our views! Yay! So, we have received quite a few e-mails on our party and how excited everyone is! Send us e-mails telling us what you want to do, awards that you want to be given out, and questions if needed! We really enjoy hearing from you. Below is an invitation made specifically for you! It tells you the date, time, where, dress code, and a preview of what is to go down. We really hope you can make it and thank you for all of you support, we love you guys!

Live,Love, and Logic

- Card and Alex

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