Friday, April 27, 2012

Jenny's Birthday Party

Jenny's Birthday Party

Hey WoOoOoOozens!
It’s Jenny and I’ve decided to take over  the blog today and I’m bringing lots of exciting news for you!
We have protected and saved our Woozvironment! A big congratulations to our top 5 winners:
Ali-heartheroNeeChee001Mary6540lea547d and Brooklyn009!
You may remember that KountVonKlokz made a petz I really adore and other WoozAnimals extremely sick. The good news; my petz (named Marshmallow) is safe and sound in my arms… andYOU can get your very own Marshmallow!! Bunnies are now available in the Wzw StoreThey are so cute, the way they hop!
But now for my party… YOU’RE invited!!!  Here’s all the info XD
  • WHAT: Jenny’s (that’s me!! XD) Birthday Party
  • WHEN6:30PM on Friday April 27th
  • WHERE: My birthday party Unitz (it will be featured so you can find it xD)
I was doing some cleaning (it is Spring after all XD) and found a lot of vintage 1920z outfits in the attic and I thought to myself… “This would be a very cute party theme!”!
So not only can you get cute vintage clothing for the party, but you can also get a ’20z Mansion and furniture items to celebrate more.It’s all in the Wzw Store!
I will see you all there! XD
Much love,

Hey Everyone!! It is Cardinal and Alex here. We are trying our hardest to be at Jenny's Party. Above this message there is a image on the blog about Jenny's Party and a picture of the party. We are trying to get there really early and not leave so we get to be there. But if we aren't there we will be in queue. Also remember if we are in queue you can also do the PC Cheat and talk to us! I better get in line! See ya!!

-Cardinal and Alex

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