Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Let's save the woopetz! Everyday at 4:00 P.M. there will be an event and you can get a prize every time!

The Polar Bear Quiz is by JayWooz
The Panda Bear Quiz is by MyaWooz
The African Elephant Quiz is by MaxWooz 
Sea Turtle Quiz is by Jenny Wooz
The Bengal Tiger Quiz is by MyaWooz

Here are the answer to the quiz is you needed help!!

Elephant Quiz:

One: True
Two: False
Three: Four
Four: West
Five: 450
Six: True
Seven: Matriarch
Eight: 10000

Panda Bear Quiz:

One: Bamboo
Two: deforestation
Three: China
Four: True
Five: Mountains
Six: False
Seven: 1500
Eight: 40

Polar Bear Quiz:

One: ursus maritimus
Two: true
Three: seals
Four: 1774
Five: nanook
Six: Arctic
Seven: still-hunting
Eight: false

Sea Turtle Quiz:

One: Arctic
Two: Seven
Three: True
Four: chelonia mydas
Five: False
Six: breathe
Seven: conservation

Bengal Tiger Quiz:

One: Panthera Tigris Tigris
Two: India
Three: True
Four: Closed
Five: False
Six: Poaching
Seven: True
Eight: True

Hope it helps!! :)

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