Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Oh No!

I just was logging on woozworld and I read the new WoozBlog!! I have information to tell you!!! Here is what I saw!

Wooz Weekly just got an inside scoop of the Choko-Klokz final plan to destroy Woozworld! The blueprints were sent to us early this morning by an anonymous source close to Kount von Klokz and the Chokolien leader.
“This has to do with the final revenge,” the anonymous tipster added with a sticky note. “The final plan will initiate on Thursday April 12th”.
THURSDAY APRIL 12TH?! If this insider is right… we could expect a HUGE attack on Thursday.
The insider to the Choko-Klokz seems to have rippled the blueprints from the master plan. It’s unsure what the FULL plan is but this gives a pretty good idea.
“We don’t have much time,” reveals the insider, “we need to foil their plan.”
The question on all of our minds… WHO IS THE INSIDER?! We have reason to believe the insider isGoodOldWooz. Someone very close to GoodOldWooz has let EVERYTHING out about our good, old friend.
“He (GoodOldWooz) hasn’t told anyone… but he has a son named Zack.”
COULD IT BE!? ZACKWOOZ IS THE SON OF GOODOLDWOOZ?! But why is he turning on his son now?!
We’ve been contacting GoodOldWooz for comment but keeps denying to talk.
As always, we will update you with information as it comes in!

Can this really be happening!?!


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