Thursday, August 16, 2012

Not Ten Thousand...Not thirty Thousand....But, Sixty Thousand!

OMG!!! I just logged on the website and found out that we have sixty thousand viewers! That is absolutely fabulous!!! That is amazing! We are going to have someone amazing features on the blog!! Just because we don't post doesn't mean we don't add features! hehe.

*(For iPod,iPhone, and iPad users)
If you have one of the products listed above you are able to play the amazing game drawsomething with us! Just create a free account and play! When you want to create a game just click new game and you will be able to choose how you want to find your friend. You click on user.

Cardinal's Draw something user: Cardinal710
Alex's Draw something user: akairock

Now you are able to communicate with us through your device!!! Draw something is super duper fun and you will love it when you play. If you don't like it that is ok! Everyone has their own opinion!
-Down below you will see a description of the amazing app "Draw Something"

Click to make bigger or go to and type in Draw Something

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