Monday, August 20, 2012

School Help

Hi Everyone. If you recently seen my last post you will understand what this post is for.
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Here are some questions we got.

  • Most of my friends are going to high school for things i cant talk about and all my other friends are in a grade lower then me and i dont want to be a loner! how can i make friends easily?
Making friends is simple. I once started a new school and I knew no one there. It was pretty rough for me but I got through it. All I did was walk up to the kids and talk with them every day or something. Soon they became like family to me! Just talk to them and tell them that you want to be friend and then they will probably start talking to you and go into the stage of becoming friends. Hope that Helped!!!!!

  • None of my friends are in the same class as me and I don't really have any other people to talk to :/ HOW CAN I SURVIVE!!!
There are a certain of things you can do to have some more friends.
1. Find out if you can switch classes because you aren't comfortable in the one you are in.
2. Try to talk to some of the people in the class and see if you like them. Don't judge a book by its cover! =)
3. Ask the teacher to introduce you to some of the students.
4. Just be yourself and people will want to be your friend!
Hope that Helped!

  • Im going back on Tuesday -2 days from now- DDX and There is a girl named Hadley who bullys me :( how can i survive? I tried ignoring her but she always blames stuff on me :( Please help me!
First of all you DO NOT let a person bully you. Go tell your parents about the girl or even a teacher. They will handle it and probably she will not bully you anymore. Some of you might of heard this before but you might not of. I am going to tell you something. There is actually a little story about bullies. One time Hadley was probably someone like you and someone bullied her. Bullies form from getting bullied past then, but really tell your mom, dad, teacher, or guardian about this and get it fixed up! :) 

Keep commenting more. We are so happy to help you. Do not be embarrassed to tell us.


  1. I heard my teacher is mean... what should i do if she is...

  2. Cardinal and alex

    Thank you you brought me over my fear of not having my friends by my side every second I'm nervous I put the post about going into a split class without my other friends I'm jorden342 add me plz u r a life savor to me

  3. And there is a boy in my class that keeps following me and talking which isn't a problem but his friends think we are dating help me

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    u r one of the prettiest woozens in woozworld

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    your #1 fan

  5. hellllp meeeee plzzzzzz i dunno whats in fashions for back to school

    1. If your girly go for a skirt a tshirt some flats or boots a headband and other items if your r Tom boyish like me jeans with some skate shoes a tshirt and whatever else I'm a fashion stylets I help anytime you need it