Friday, August 31, 2012

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Hi Everyone!
It's Cardibal here with one of my amazing posts! :)
I discovered this app from my friends. It is called "Kik Messenger".
In the app you are able to text with other people for free! Also it is completely safe. People see the name that you put so don't put anything you don't want people seeing. Then your username is shown.
If you want to be safe do the following:
1. Do not put a real name put your woozworld username.
2. Don't put a real picture of yours. Just put your woozworld profile or your dog or something.
3. Never give out your phone number or adress.

Those are loads of things you can do to be safe in this app. Ask your parent or guardian before downloading the app.

Here is my username is you want to chat with me: Cardinal710
Type that in and chat with me! Say your from woozworld tips and help first before you say anything.
I will ask if I can put the other team member usernames on here!


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