Saturday, September 1, 2012


 As you all know, Woozworld has created Preztige, the new way to help your woozen evolve. There are 50 levels in Preztige and you have to earn as many points as you can to level up. Each time you level up, you will get wooz, beex, and sometimes a prize! 

A lot of people have been asking how do you earn points. Look at this chart from the Woozworld Blog on how.

Give a Vote
Take a Photo
Collect Jobz
Play with a Plantz
Feed a WooPetz
Wash a WooPetz
Trickz with a Super WooPetz
Collect Jobz with a WooPetz%5 WooPetz Hunger
Preztige is pretty cool, but it does have it's faults.



You earn wooz and beex whether you are a VIP or not.
You have to have energy to do things.

You can vote up to 200 times!
You don’t get beex or wooz from voting.
page1image15304You can buy energy in Shopz.
You have to unlock Shopz first.
page1image18904You can use your WoozPet to get points. page1image20296
It loses 5% of it’s hunger.

Woozworld has changed, for good... 
Created by ALex-Sandra from Woozworld Tips and Help
or bad?

So, how do you like Preztige?


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