Wednesday, September 5, 2012


 We have over 70,000 views! Yay! You know what this means.........


And all of you are invited! Most of the times, Card and I plan the party, but this time, you get to plan it! So, send us an email with what the theme should be and when it should be. We will host polls to decide the theme and date! We will also have a special poll with what our special gift to you will be. But for that, Card and I will have to come up with a list of ideas. So everyone get your disco shoes on and start partying! Don't actually start partying, save it for the real deal! Jee.... xD

If you want some music NOW, check out these videos created by our very good friend, KaitlynFoster. Check out more of her videos on YouTube, they rock! Also, the video stars Kaitlyln and her very good friend Starl123 !

-Alex the Great

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  1. Cardinal And Alex! Dont Forget My B-day Party!!