Monday, September 3, 2012

Get your Creative Juices following!

We have a new amazing contest! It is very very creative! You have to draw Alex or I (Cardinal)!
It will be really fun to see everyone's submissions. Whoever wins get an amazing prize(s)

1. Must draw full body
2. It can be in black and white (we prefer color)
3. YOU must draw it

First Place: Drawing of themselves, 500 Wooz, and Music Video with Card, Alex, or Both.
Second Place: 250 Wooz and Music Video with Card, Alex, or Both.
Third Place: 100 Wooz

To send it in you must take a picture of it or scan it in and send it to our email which you can find under the Contact Us, page. You also can put it on a youtube video.

Good Luck Woozens! I can't wait to see who wins.

Draw either Cardinal or Alex and you are going to copy these pictures of them:


  1. well this sucks because i have no drawing skills watsoever btw card and alex peacesighngirl from woozworld is writing this

  2. When is the deadline?