Sunday, September 16, 2012

Hi everyone :D

Hello everyone its MakeyCake here or as everyone calls me Makey and im here to tell you a little bit about myself. I play woozworld and Imvu. I Love hanging out with my friends and family on both games. Im fun, funny, friendly, caring, joyful, and I cheer up people to when there down or sad. Im usually on woozworld a lot of times so if anyone gots questions about me or anything about the blog then feel free to ask but if im not on woozworld or imvu at the time then plz email me and I will get the chance to respond back when I can (email is: and if anyone wants me to draw them I can when I get the chance. My favorite colors r teal, tangerine, and black like on woozwolrd. But if you got imvu add me or message me on: PunkRockMakey and if you want to message me on woozworld i got 2 accounts, 1st one is: Makeover6, 2nd one is Makeycake. I love doing stories at times with details in them, I do a  bit of poems also. Most of all I love all my fellow woozens of Woozworld.


  1. Hey Omg! Your Makeover6!!!! Man I Was fall808 But I Had To Make A New Account So Now Its FallIsLoveAble, We Were Friends In Till I Made A New One...

    1. thats really cool falls and oh yea i remember u i will add u on the account :D

    2. Cool, And I'm Glad You Remember Me :DD