Sunday, September 2, 2012


Everyone as you see on the Couple of the Month shows me and Eminem345k. I wanted everyone to know we are not dating anymore. We broke up. I just wanted everyone to know that and get it out of my system. Thanks bloggers. Blog tomorrow!

Until Then....


  1. Hi I'm Meterorite, I'm FallIsLoveAble's friend, its her b-day month, and her b-day wish was to be on the best couple of the month, with her boy: nottobenamed and her: FallIsLoveAble, but I Guess that didnt happen and her b-day wish has been not done, she was to sad to say any thing so I'm doing it for her! SHE SHOULD HAVE BEEN UP THERE!!!

  2. why did u break up....???? :(