Monday, September 17, 2012

Happy monday woozens :DD

Hey woozens Makey here! Wow this weekend was funnnn, GoodOldWooz was at his MysteryZ: GoodOldCave unit yesterday with one hun+ woozens in it and he was talking to woozens and even answer some questions about his missings on woozworld for the days. But woozworld is done with the mysteryz for now because no more of the mysteryz collecting items are popping up anymore. But in another WoozNews new outfits might be coming out soon :o as mya was wearing one of the outfits last week and as u saw at her Late Night show with Jacob Latimore and showed us his totally epic tourbus with a free poster to pick up while ur checking out his totally rad tourbus. Here's this weeks events for the woozband and woozens to go to :D
Schedule for September 17th to September 21st
When? What?    When?    Who?
Monday What the Wooz?! talk show 4:00 PM WT  MyaWooz
Monday Scavengerz hunt 7:00 PM WT  MyaWooz
Tuesday Discussionz 4:00 PM WT  JennyWooz
Tuesday Scavengerz hunt 7:00 PM WT  JennyWooz
Wednesday Freestyle Hour 4:00 PM WT  JayWooz
Wednesday Scavengerz hunt 7:00 PM WT  JayWooz
Thursday Max’s Game Show 1:30 PM WT  MaxWooz
Thursday Scavengerz hunt 7:00 PM WT  MaxWooz
Friday Scavengerz hunt 4:00 PM WT  MyaWooz
Friday Mya’s Late Night Show 7:00 PM WT  MyaWooz

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