Thursday, August 16, 2012

Ultra Special Contest!!!!

There is an Ultra Special Contest that will only air once a year! It is like Woozworld Superstar but even better, maybe..xD! Some of you probably heard of KidzBop in your life and how you are able to try out and be in a music video with the stars of KidzBop. Well it is just like that but even more fabulous! You get to be in a music video with us, you pick song, you pick unitz we are in, you pick outfits we wear. To become this extra special person you have to do the things below.

**Send us your youtube url link with a music video(woozworld) of you in it.
-If it is someone elses youtube account but you are in the video you are allow to send it
                      (Your username must be in it for us to know that is you!)
**Your music video that you send in can not be longer than 4:00 minutes. If it is over 4:00 minutes you will sadly be disqualified. The minimum of the music video must be 1:00.
**If you send in someone else's video there will be consequences. For Example..say you sent in your best friends music video to us and they have NO idea. If they win and we go to the woozen and tell them and they have no idea what we are talking about then that woozen can not win. You have to send in a video with YOU in it!!! You must be in it to enter!!

**If you win you get to do the following:

1. You get to do a fabulous music video with Cardinal, Alex, or both.
2. You get to spend a day with Cardinal and Alex
3. We will add you.
4. Do whatever you want with us the whole day.
    -Please understand that if Alex or Cardinal need to get off you must respect that we have to do something in real life! =)
5. Special Prize!!! We have not decided this prize but it will be super cool!!!!

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