Thursday, August 30, 2012

Testing, Testing, TESTING!!

So far in my school life there are loads of test over the weeks! I thought it would be funny if I made a test for you guys on here. First person to submit it with all the answers get 50 Wooz!! Comment below answers. DO NOT EMAIL ANSWERS OR YOU WILL BE DISQUALIFIED.

1. 24-11+(3x4) = ??????????
2. Define the word: Metron (Greek)
3. Finish lyrics: You are my --------! My only --------! You make me happy!!! When ----- are grey!!
4. Define the word: philosopher
5. True or False: Pickle Juice can be good for you?
6. How many viewers does the blog have? (Answers may vary)


  1. 1. 25
    2. It means "measure" it means "meter"
    3. You are my sunshine! My Oonly Sunshine! You make me happy!!! Hwen skys are grey!!
    4. a person who is like a major in philosophy
    5. In small ammounts it doesn't harm you.
    6. 67,261
    My name on woozworld is misscutie176 =) (If I got right then you know :p)

  2. 1. 25

    2. Metron means measure. More specifically it means Metre (meter in american language) - a unit used in measurement of length

    3.You are my sunshine! My only Sunshine! You make me happy!!! When skies are grey!!

    4. Philosopher is a person engaged or learned in philosophy, especially as an academic discipline.

    5.Its good for health in small amounts.


    -gorgeousashley (in woozworld)

  3. 1. umm i say it 25

    2.that means umm.. i belive it is measure

    3. you are my sunshine , my only sunshine, you make me happy, when skys are gray, you are my sunshine my only shuneshine..
    4. some one who learn by years of disipline.
    5.its really bad.

    memei on woozworld, but my name is hard to find my find contacts...